I wouldn’t usually blog about something ‘commercial’ but this shop impresses me as an artspace and low-tech design example in its own right.  It has a real texture to it and (having been to many, many markets with my wife and 2 girls in recent times) it strikes me as a strong expression of current ‘handmade’ culture.

Cultiver's philosophy, expressed in their shopfront

It’s located in an old building in a heritage area (much of which is slightly shabby itself):

Bostock Chambers (across from Cultiver) - slightly shabby but fascinating

and the decor is minimal, industrial / artisan / quirky.  You can get a good impression of their overall look at their blog, here:  http://www.cultivershop.blogspot.com.au/.  I love the botanical designs on that blog by someone rather talented, by the way, very jealous!

Fourth child (next door to Cultiver)

Cultiver has some fascinating stuff and the presentation is quite lovely.  My wife and kids found many ‘objects of desire’ there (I would probably rather photograph them than buy them, but, hey, they’re not designed to appeal to me!)

Cheerful little felt mushrooms, some of which now live at our house.

These fabric robots are spectacular.  There were many, many different types and I just wanted to pull them all out of their old crate and line them up for happy snaps.  (The girls just wanted to take them all home.)

Robot cuddles

Lego jewellery is always a market favourite for my Lego-obsessed girls and it’s represented here too:

Lego jewellery and clock by Loopy Designs

Here’s a better look at that platestand from the shopfront window:

Vintage cake stand using upcycled old plates
Earrings (I think). It's the presentation which caught my eye!

There was plenty of other beautiful stuff which I didn’t photograph, as well as a screen-printing workshop going on which captured the girls’ interest.

Lace Doily Bunting

Definitely somewhere that I’d like to visit again, to take more pictures.  But, I might have to leave the girls (or at least all of our wallets) at home, or I’d come out a LOT poorer :).  Worth a wandering visit, if you like your shops to have ‘texture’.

Beautiful carved brooches from "Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree"

(Photos taken with the permission of the shop owner.  No, I don’t just wander into shops and start taking photos.  All photos taken with my 60mm Macro, ‘cos that’s all I had with me.)