There was lots more rain here yesterday, which foiled plans for a photo-shoot where I was going to take photos of “actual humans” :).

I wandered through Nerima Gardens (established 17 years ago to celebrate a ‘sister city’ relationship with Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan) instead, between showers of rain.  Nerima Gardens are full of quiet and subtle beauty.

All shots here are with my 60mm Macro lens (it’s hard to change lenses while holding an umbrella).  I was looking for the teahouse – read on to see whether I found it ;).

Black Bamboo, near entrance to Nerima Gardens

I am not normally a fan of bamboo, but it was more beautiful than I had expected, in the rain.

Black bamboo, re-shooting

This fellow was nearby (along with plenty of his friends).  I haven’t been able to figure out what species he is, but since he was the size of the palm of my hand, I wasn’t getting any closer.

Spider, web, and raindrops

I wandered up the path, umbrella in one hand and camera in the other.

Flower spike on grass tree, rainy Nerima Gardens

Looking for the ‘secret’ entrance to the teahouse path:

The secret, narrow hedged path

Ducking under the leafless tree, full of raindrops:

leafless sky.

Up another path:

winding path

Cutting through the conifers:

Conifer trunk, wet

to see:

Nerima Gardens Teahouse dedication plaque. Quite beautiful in its own right!

I just love the lines of raindrops ready to fall from the bridge railing:

Nerima Gardens teahouse, wringing wet