REVHEAD: the motorsport art of Eamon O’Toole is a new exhibit at Ipswich Art Gallery.

You may have seen my short post earlier in the week, here —–> Hot head (I love those pics!)

All of these shots are taken with my fixed 50mm f/1.4 lens, so apologies if I couldn’t get ‘wide’ or ‘close’ enough, it’s the only one I had with me.  I think it gives a nice perspective to a lot of the shots.

The Big Bang, up close (top)

I was really quite surprised by this exhibit – I am not really a motorsport fan, so I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did (and didn’t even take my whole camera bag with me!).  It is actually quite fantastic – and considering that most of the Eamon O’Toole works are mostly made of hand-moulded plastic and enamel paint – staggeringly complex and impressive.

I think this one was my favourite:

Honda CB750 K1 sculpture by Eamon O'Toole. Torana XU-1 Nibless Steel Rims, Torana Hotwire Mag Wheels, Torana Sprint Master Wheels and 8 Anvils sculptures in the background.
Honda CB750 K1 sculpture by Eamon O'Toole

These sculptures are full-size, including this one:

McLaren Formula MP4/4 1 – Ayrton Senna Car sculpture by Eamon O'Toole

There were also some working drawings on display:

The Big Bang, working drawing

Which is pretty cool, when you have the actual final sculpture on display next to it:

The Big Bang sculpture by Eamon O'Toole
The Big Bang, up close (bottom)
Engine Bay, Working Drawing

I enjoyed these stacked sculptures of wheels too:

Torana XU-1 Nibless Steel Rims, Torana Hotwire Mag Wheels and Torana Sprint Master Wheels sculptures by Eamon O'Toole

Some fun sculptures of parts too:

Honda XR600R Engine sculpture by Eamon O'Toole
Z1 900 engine sculpture by Eamon O'Toole, with my trusty model in the background

It was a fun and surprising exhibit!

Kawasaki Z1-900 sculpture by Eamon O'Toole