This fomer Congregational church building was built in the 1850’s.  It’s a striking building now being used as an antique centre.

I found the contrast between the building, and some of its contents, fascinating.

Opalina Fiorentina glass jug
internal stained glass, East St wall
'Dress Ups Vintage Clothing' garments
internal door handle, detail
Garment, East St room
Ceiling and upper level windows
the well-named Retro room fronting East Street
Side view of former Congregational church building, East St, Ipswich showing roof vent
Joseph Hargreaves
I only took this photo on special request from my 8 year old daughter... but then I liked it :)
Staircase to mezzanine, East St end
more 'Dress Ups'. I love the light in this one - upstairs with the afternoon light streaming in.
'Dress Ups' hats

There are also many traditional antiques there, but I haven’t photographed most of them because it was the contrasts which fascinated me.

more traditional
Rear section (now containing stage area and downstairs Annexe) of former Congregational church building, East St, Ipswich