When she was still a girl, no longer a child yet not quite a woman, my grandmother woke, one morning, to the smell of dissolving dye, bitter in her throat…

“One Long Thread” by Belinda Jeffrey

Part of the display at Avid Reader bookshop

Had a great night seeing my talented friend, author Belinda Jeffrey at the launch of her third book – One Long Thread, at Avid Reader bookshop at West End.

Belinda the storyteller, in full flight
Belinda, hard at work signing copies of her new book "One Long Thread"
There was something beautiful about these empty chairs, left behind as people rush to buy the book and get it signed, at Avid Reader

Belinda’s first two books are:

Brown Skin Blue (ebook available –> here via Avid Reader)

Big River, Little Fish (ebook available –> here via Avid Reader)

Her enthusiasm and creativity are, as always, inpirational.