Went out tonight to try to shoot the supermoon (OK, one day late…)

The clouds denied me the chance again – all I got was a dull glow – but the sunset while we were waiting was pretty awesome.

Glorious sunset from Lions Lookout

This next one is a 56s exposure (ISO 100, 79mm, f/22, 56s) – I get a real sense of motion in the clouds.

Long Exposure, Drifting clouds and Limestone Street

My assistant Miss Eight was very helpful, holding a light to help me focus the long exposures on the skeleton tree (it was just too dark to focus otherwise).  Afterwards I got her to jump into one of the photos and move across the frame gradually with her face lit.

Ghostly visitor in the skeleton tree, after sunset near Lions Lookout

I also have some pretty cool light painting photos taken by Miss Eight – post them tomorrow :).