Visited these gorgeous Red Panda at Australia Zoo.  They were very active prowling around and climbing and I got some great shots.

Red Panda Pair, Pasang and Yoddah

We were also lucky enough to see the female cheetah, who is not yet on display, out for a private walk with a keeper – she was gorgeous too!  Not a great picture; it was a real opportunity snap from an awkward position.

Female Cheetah out for a walk at Australia Zoo

I must say that I am pretty impressed with how well the cheapo 55 – 250 lens does in this situation.  Naturally I would love the 70 – 200 f/2.8 or similar (who wouldn’t!), but the results of this lens, which costs less than 10% of the price, are quite acceptable, even impressive, I think. (You must remember to allow for my ‘operator error’ too – moving furry targets are not so easy)