Here are some more long exposure pictures taken at Wickham Point  ← click here for the previous blog post.

Each of these is taken at ISO 100, 21mm, f/22 at a 4s exposure.  The featured pictures above are taken with a variable ND filter fitted, at around 3 stops selected.  These are consecutive frames from about 7 in a row shot in this setup. The rock in the mid-right of the picture is what I was targeting, as it wasn’t going completely under, just ‘spilling over’ as you can see in the second frame.

You can see the approximate position and tripod setup for those pictures here:

my trusty Induro AT413 Tripod set up for action

(Actually that was the tripod setup for a later shot on the same day, but you get the idea).

I was also able to get on slightly higher rocks and set the tripod up at a much lower leg angle for these two shots:

These two are, again, consecutive frames, taken at ISO 100, 18mm, f/22 at a 4s exposure – this was later with the light fading fast, so the ND filter has been removed by now (in summary, by this time, there is around 1/8 the amount of light but an equivalent exposure).

I was really trying to capture the little channel of water to the lower right of frame, with the water surging through it.  In the second frame I got my feet wet – but the camera was high and dry :).  I love the glimmers of light reflecting on the top of the wet rocks.