I took the girls to the “Out of the Box” festival today and we saw Erth’s “Dinosaur Petting Zoo” as part of the performance – it was fantastic.

There was lots of opportunity for all the kids there to get involved – they all got to pat the Baby Dryosaur.

It’s a good thing the Baby Dryosaur is a puppet – any real animal would struggle to cope with so many little hands!
Meganeura with Erth’s Scott

Meganeura landed on a lot of kid’s heads :)

Leaellynasaura getting some personal attention

Leaellynasaura was very popular and a few kids were lucky enough to get very close indeed.  Then came the star of the show – Australovenator.  I think the kids enjoyed running in mock terror from him the most.

Australovenator on the loose!
Feeding time