APT7 is the seventh “Asia Pacific Triennial” art exhibit, on show right now at Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art.

Here are a few pictures taken earlier in the week, during our quick visit.

There are a number of very, very large art pieces including these two featured in these pictures: “Big Yellow” by Richard Maloy, and “Korumbo” by the Britiki Cultural Group (Papua New Guinean artists).

Both of these are almost too big to be photographed with my 18 – 135 lens at 18mm. Big Yellow is 2 stories tall and fills one entire end of a large gallery – I would guess it is 15m long. One of these photos is taken inside it! I have included a photo of Korumbo with people in front of it for scale – it is about 12m tall, possibly more.

Plenty of extra pictures will follow, of other interesting art from APT7, in future posts.