We are holidaying at Rainbow Bay beach and have been lucky to get a unit with a great location. So, this afternoon, I decided to combine two of my favourite activities – photography and swimming in the surf.

I downloaded the Triggertrap app for iPhone a few months ago and purchased a dongle to let it control my camera through the remote port. I have been wanting to buy an intervalometer for some time, but the price ($200 to $300) has always put me off. Once I got an iPhone for work, for $30 I thought Triggertrap was worth a try!

I started with something pretty easy – this is a set up on the balcony of our unit looking to the beach across the road. I tried a bit of experimentation and settled on 1/100s, f/11, ISO 100 at 24mm, with a photo every 24 seconds. I knew the light would change a lot so was intentionally overexposed at the start – I will try to smooth the exposure a bit in Lightroom later when combining the stills into timelapse video (should end up with about 10 seconds of video).

Then, I went for a swim. I expect I will be in frame for about 100 frames of the timelapse stills. It worked perfectly while I was away and I am looking forward to combining the frames when I get home!

Here are a few initial stills – these are taken approximately 15 minutes apart. I’m happy so far!