Well, I finished my first effort at a timelapse video.

I made heaps of technical and practical mistakes, and the perfectionist in me wants to go and fix them all before I show the video – but that’s not real life, is it?

Shooting the timelapse video was a lot of fun, and I will know what to do better (and differently) next time.

The locations are:

Froggies Beach (on the Queensland / NSW border) for sunrise (above).

Rainbow Bay Beach for the two middle sequences:

Rainbow Bay Dunes Timelapse still-9868 Rainbow Bay Beach Timelapse still-9865

and Greenmount Hill, looking toward Coolangatta, for the (very cloudy) sunset:

Greenmount to Cooly Timelapse still-1071

Please excuse the jitter and shake in some of the sequences – some of that is a result of amateur mistakes by me – and in the sunset sequence, the weather was very rainy and windy which made it very challenging.  You may see my umbrella peek into shot occasionally ;).

Sunrise and sunset times and locations were planned with The Photographer’s Ephemeris: (photoephemeris.com). Triggered using the Triggertrap app (triggertrap.com). Those apps are just ridiculously good value for a keen photographer at about $10 each.

Gear: Shot with my trusty Canon 60D and the EF-S 18 – 135mm f/3.5 – 5.6 lens on my Induro AT413 tripod.

For any keen photographers out there: give timelapse a go! You do not need super-expensive gear – it’s mostly about planning, patience, getting up early… and standing in the rain keeping your camera dry with an umbrella when necessary.

Hope you enjoy it.