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NZ South – Taieri Gorge

A great family afternoon on the Taieri Gorge Railway departing from the picture-perfect Dunedin Railway Station.

This trip goes through areas only accessible by the railway – there is no road access to sections of the upper Taieri Gorge.  The railway was built to allow the produce of Central Otago to get to port in Dunedin.  It still uses 100-year old iron bridges and passes through tunnels made with hand tools (the nature of the rock precluded the use of explosives).

Open air viewing platforms at the ends make it a good trip for keen photographers (can get a bit cold in winter, take a good jumper!).

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The photos inside Dunedin Railway Station are actually by Mrs LS :).


NZ South – Dunedin Chinese Garden

an unexpected pleasure in the middle of Dunedin.

tortured pine
looking across the Dunedin Chinese Garden, back to the First Church of Otago on the skyline
Dunedin Chinese Garden details

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NZ South – Flagstaff Alpacas

Our fantastic family farmstay accommodation in Dunedin.  The kids didn’t want to leave.  They fed these beautiful alpacas over the fence, morning and night.

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NZ South – Penguin Place

Monty the Penguin, watching the surf

taken at Penguin Place, Harington Point, Otago Peninsula

Penguin Place beach, eastern side of Harington Point, Otago Peninsula
Kelp in the swell, Penguin Place

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NZ South – Otago Peninsula, Highcliff Rd

There are two main ways to get out onto the Otago Peninsula – the low road and the high road.  Both have their beautiful features!  This is the the high road from Dunedin to Larnach Castle / Portobello.

Looking east towards the mouth of Otago Harbour from Highcliff Road, on a hazy day
Lost Horizon, south from Highcliff Rd, Otago Peninsula
Stone fence, Highcliff Rd, Otago Peninsula (directly opposite the "Lost Horizon" photo above.
Otago Harbour and Dunedin - looking west from Camp Rd

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NZ South – Larnach Castle

These photos are from our trip to the South Island of New Zealand in August 2011 – I’m finally starting to go through them properly.  We had the most fantastic winter family holiday; this is a small part of it.

Larnach Castle is located on the Otago Peninsula near Dunedin.  I was in two minds about whether it was worth a visit, when planning our trip, but it was a really good family outing and the garden was full of opportunities for a photographer.

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Photos are, unfortunately, not allowed inside (the interior photo above is taken in the cafe, located in the old servant’s quarters).

Rusty, Part 2

Rust and decay, Part 2

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The first post in this series is here: Rusty, Part 1

Old Glass (Part 1)

I love old glass.  I live in a house with lots of old glass doors and windows (in fact that’s my front door (up close) above).

It’s not the easiest thing to photograph with all of the reflection & glare issues, but you can get some great effects.  Here are a few:

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