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Timelapse: Nerima Gardens

This timelapse was shot at Nerima Gardens on a couple of weekends recently.  We have had so much wet weather that photography opportunities have been limited, but I overcame this by shooting 2 of the 3 sequences in this timelapse from undercover.

The first sequence is shot from underneath a bridge, the second shows reflections in the lake (shot on a brighter day), and the third is shot from the Japanese teahouse.

Music is “Prelude No. 16” by Chris Zabriskie (  This is the first time that I have used music in a timelapse; I think it really enhances it, so thanks to Chris and other talented people who make their work available for free.

This video was complied from 1085 RAW still photos using Lightroom 4.  (There is one ‘dud’ frame rendered in there, but I am too impatient to wait another 6 hours or so to re-render and re-upload it!).  The in-sequence movement and deflickering is done with the assistance of LR Timelapse, which basically tells Lightroom what to do using metadata, which is a LOT faster than me doing it manually!

Settings: LR4, using 12fps 720p @24 LRTPro preset.

Hope you enjoy it.


Nerima Gardens

More photos from yesterday’s wet weather trip to Nerima Gardens.

See yesterday’s pictures here: Teeny Tiny Wet Worlds

Garden of St Erth

The Garden of St Erth is a historic garden at Blackwood, Victoria maintained by The Diggers Club.

We visited on a wet winter day as part of our holiday through country Victoria.  Not much was in flower, due to the time of year, but there were plenty of subjects for my macro lens to target.

Garden of St Erth 6 x 8

The Crags

Above: Beautiful coastline at The Crags

We stayed in beautiful Port Fairy as part of our Victorian trip – we used it as our ‘western gateway’ to the Great Ocean Road.  Just west of Port Fairy is this beautiful little coastal spot – ‘The Crags’ – it was a bit of an entree before the Great Ocean Road main course.

[click any picture for full size]

Macedon Ranges

Photos from the beautiful Macedon Ranges area, taken on our Victorian trip.

[click any photo for full size]

Rainbow Reach (NZ South)

Above:  Rainbow Reach of the Waiau River, taken from the swingbridge which crosses the river to the start of the Kepler Track.

The Kepler Track runs beside the Waiau River between Manapouri and Te Anau. The alpine sections of the track close for winter but we had the chance to walk on this short portion near the river.

Kepler Track, winding beside the Waiau River
Mossy log on the Kepler Track

Lake Wilkie walk (NZ South – The Catlins – Part 3)

Another beautiful day in the Catlins: these photos are all taken with my 60mm macro lens on the Lake Wilkie walk.

[click any photo for fullsize slideshow]

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McLean Falls (NZ South – The Catlins – Part 2)

Photos from the beautiful McLean Falls walk, taken on a showery August day.

These photos illustrate the cool rainforest sub-climate of the Catlins area perfectly.  Consider that there was snow down to sea-level in the Catlins one week after these photos were taken, and you’ll see how unusual this area is!

My wife and kids were unwilling to get out of the car to do this walk in the rain (admittedly it was about 6 degrees C and windy), so I did the whole walk in about 35 wet minutes.

[click any photo for fullsize slideshow]

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Drops on a leaf (2)

All the way back to the same leaf:

Drops on a leaf

2 metres from my back door :)

Discovery Centre, Qld Museum

The Queensland Museum is 150 years old and the South Bank site has just been extensively renovated.

It has some fantastic features for kids now – all free.  The new Discovery Centre is particularly good for kids:

Hands on exhibits for the kids - Discovery Centre
Phasmatodea (Stick Insects) in a glass case for the kids to see. These things are huge - 50cm long
MicroEye Projection Microscopes - great fun for kids
Butterflies Display
Renovations - new staircases
Beetles - Discovery Centre & main Qld Museum collection
From Little Things, Big Things Grow exhibit - Qld Museum

Silhouettes, Limestone Park

I shot some action pictures for friends early yesterday morning at Limestone Park.   The early light (zero cloud) and heavy dew made for some interesting conditions.

I don’t take all that many photos of people, but was happy with how most of them turned out.

I will keep the portrait shots for them rather than post them on the interweb thingy, but I liked these silhouette shots enough to share:

NZ South – Larnach Castle

These photos are from our trip to the South Island of New Zealand in August 2011 – I’m finally starting to go through them properly.  We had the most fantastic winter family holiday; this is a small part of it.

Larnach Castle is located on the Otago Peninsula near Dunedin.  I was in two minds about whether it was worth a visit, when planning our trip, but it was a really good family outing and the garden was full of opportunities for a photographer.

Click any picture in the galllery for a full size slideshow.

Photos are, unfortunately, not allowed inside (the interior photo above is taken in the cafe, located in the old servant’s quarters).

Art Glass

These glass art works are on display at Queensland Art Gallery.  Quite stunning.

Bowl: Waves by Matthew Larwood

Sculpture, Brisbane Square

Interactive sculpture in Brisbane Square.

I’m not sure whether it was designed to be interactive, but it’s definitely ended up that way….

Click the gallery pictures for full size slideshow:


Pure ferniness, in the Fernhouse at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens.

Click the gallery pictures for full size.

For other pictures taken at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, see my other posts:


Seussical Succulents


Little Life

Newsflash: Insects are small.  And they move.  For these reasons (and others such as shallow Depth of Field for close subjects) taking macro shots of insects is, usually, just plain hard work.  90% of the shots are not good enough to share, but occasionally I get some that are worthwhile.

I’ve added the EXIF settings to the pics to follow on from a discussion with Jeremy about macro shots and depth of field etc.

click the pics for full size.  In the full size pics you will see the pollen on the bee’s head and leg if you look closely (the web-quality pics don’t really do it justice so I have included a blow-up).



A trip to Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens.

Magnolia grandiflora seedpod

We went to see the Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia’s annual show. (OK, it was a bit of an excuse to get out of the house and take some photos).

Cycad and ceiling; Palm & Cycad show, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens
Cycad; Palm & Cycad show, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

The show was underwhelming, but we also took a quick trip to the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium (in the Gardens).

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Russian 'Father of Cosmonautics' - sculpture - in front of the curvy Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Russian 'Father of Cosmonautics' - sculpture

Also, many other photos were taken around the Gardens (see Seussical Succulents, Reflection and, hopefully, future posts).

Legacy Way structure, under construction (I assume!)


 Chandelier, multiplied with old-school Fotar prism.



1. the act of reflecting or the state of being reflected.

2. an image; representation; counterpart.

3. a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration.

I’ve had a lot to reflect on, lately:

[click pictures for full size gallery]


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  ~Leonardo DaVinci

Succulent 'flapjacks'
Gazania, opening
Eucalyptus "Summer Beauty" - new shoot
Gazania, up close
deep purple

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