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Meeting new people at Greenmount

I met a nice bloke taking dusk photos at Greenmount beach while shooting these pictures.  He was shooting with a Nikon and we had a good chat – they seem like fine cameras and it was good to hear about his first attempts at surf photography (with a waterproof housing).

Unfortunately, the timelapse I was trying to shoot didn’t work out so well – this was one of my first attempts and I made too many technical and practical mistakes for the sequence to be usable.

However – some of the frames are beautiful, so I will share a few here, and you’ll just have to imagine how gorgeous the sequence would have been if I’d got it right!

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Timelapse: Nerima Gardens

This timelapse was shot at Nerima Gardens on a couple of weekends recently.  We have had so much wet weather that photography opportunities have been limited, but I overcame this by shooting 2 of the 3 sequences in this timelapse from undercover.

The first sequence is shot from underneath a bridge, the second shows reflections in the lake (shot on a brighter day), and the third is shot from the Japanese teahouse.

Music is “Prelude No. 16” by Chris Zabriskie (  This is the first time that I have used music in a timelapse; I think it really enhances it, so thanks to Chris and other talented people who make their work available for free.

This video was complied from 1085 RAW still photos using Lightroom 4.  (There is one ‘dud’ frame rendered in there, but I am too impatient to wait another 6 hours or so to re-render and re-upload it!).  The in-sequence movement and deflickering is done with the assistance of LR Timelapse, which basically tells Lightroom what to do using metadata, which is a LOT faster than me doing it manually!

Settings: LR4, using 12fps 720p @24 LRTPro preset.

Hope you enjoy it.

Timelapse from the teahouse: Preview

It won’t stop raining in South East Queensland at the moment.  My photography assistant (Miss Nine) and I needed a wet weather project, and this is part of it.

The timelapse video is uploading now, so will probably be ready tomorrow night.  Meanwhile – here’s a quick preview.

Nerima Gardens

More photos from yesterday’s wet weather trip to Nerima Gardens.

See yesterday’s pictures here: Teeny Tiny Wet Worlds

Teeny Tiny Wet Worlds

When you get up close to these fungi, they seem to exist in tiny little worlds of their own.

[click any picture for full size]

It has been a very wet summer in Queensland and it is not showing any signs of abating yet.  We are averaging 250mm per month at present – almost 1/4 of normal annual rainfall.  These fungi, at Nerima Gardens, seem to be enjoying the weather.

For previous posts on these Japanese Gardens, look here —> Nerima Gardens

As Is The Sea Marvelous

as is the sea marvelous

as is the sea marvelous
from god’s
hands which sent her forth
to sleep upon the world

and the earth withers
the moon crumbles
one by one
stars flutter into dust

but the sea
does not change
and she goes forth out of hands and
she returns into hands

and is with sleep….

the breaking

of your
my lips

e e cummings

Squeaky Beach from Pillar Point, Wilsons Promontory National Park
Squeaky Beach from Pillar Point, Wilsons Promontory National Park
Norman Beach and Mt Oberon from Pillar Point, Wilsons Promontory National Park
Norman Beach and Mt Oberon from Pillar Point, Wilsons Promontory National Park

Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock (Mt Diogenes) is a weird volcanic rock formation in country Victoria – near the town of Woodend.

We visited quickly on a rainy afternoon in winter – enjoy the pictures:

[click any picture for full size]

Wilsons Colour Chart

A sample of some of the colours of Wilsons Promontory National Park, in winter:

Most of these are taken around Tidal River, Norman Beach, Squeaky Beach and Pillar Point.

Garden of St Erth

The Garden of St Erth is a historic garden at Blackwood, Victoria maintained by The Diggers Club.

We visited on a wet winter day as part of our holiday through country Victoria.  Not much was in flower, due to the time of year, but there were plenty of subjects for my macro lens to target.

Garden of St Erth 6 x 8

Bees on a mission

I love the street trees of south east Queensland and have posted about lillypillies, frangipani, jacaranda, poinciana and ivory curl trees previously here:

The mock orange (Murraya paniculata) in my street is in full blossom at the moment, after the recent heavy rains, and the bees love it!

Here are some quick macro shots from my front yard:

Murraya paniculata

not a bee
not a beeMurraya paniculata

This the first time that I’ve used my new flash + diffuser for macro shots – pretty happy with how it turned out!

Snow Day!

While travelling in New Zealand’s South Island last year, we had a glorious “snow day” in Queenstown.  At approximately 300m above sea level, and with a large glacial lake, Queenstown rarely sees snow in the town itself – but they had 30cm of fresh snow on one of the days we were there! A local shopkeeper said that it was the most snow he’d seen in Queenstown in 20 years.

Our plans for the day were cancelled – we couldn’t travel as we had planned, but once we managed to find accommodation for the night, we had the most glorious “snow day” – a great experience for the girls (and the adults).

The outside photos were taken (with very cold fingers) near the cemetery, at the base of Bob’s Peak, the hill closest to town.

[click any picture for fullsize]

Great Ocean Road – sneak peek

Just starting to get a chance to look through my G.O.R. pictures and choose the decent ones.

Here is a sneak peek of a couple of decent ones, from the Bay of Islands.

The Crags

Above: Beautiful coastline at The Crags

We stayed in beautiful Port Fairy as part of our Victorian trip – we used it as our ‘western gateway’ to the Great Ocean Road.  Just west of Port Fairy is this beautiful little coastal spot – ‘The Crags’ – it was a bit of an entree before the Great Ocean Road main course.

[click any picture for full size]


Above: Ripples, where Tidal River runs across Norman Beach into Bass Strait.  Shot at dusk.

ISO 100, 18mm, f/11, 2.5s.  Shot with the assistance of my Induro AT413 tripod (a.k.a. ‘Gigantor’) in the beautiful Wilsons Promontory National Park.

Having some ‘technical difficulty’ getting my panorama sequences from holidays working. Meanwhile, above is a sample of what I *hope* to have in panorama later.

If you follow this blog and are interested in getting your updates via Facebook, you’d be welcome here

Macedon Ranges

Photos from the beautiful Macedon Ranges area, taken on our Victorian trip.

[click any photo for full size]

Mirror Lakes, Eglinton Valley (NZ South)

This gorgeous spot is on the road to Milford Sound so it is positively infested with buses full of tourists.  You wouldn’t know from these pictures though :)

Mirror Lakes, Eglinton Valley

Other posts from our fantastic NZ South holiday are here:

Kings Beach Rocks

I may have become slightly obsessed with low light long exposures.  I blame Jeremy :)

I enjoyed the different looks of these two photos so much that I didn’t want to separate them.

Both are ISO100, 18mm.  Left photo is f/3.5, 6s and right is f/8.0, 30s.

These photos were taken on a productive day which also yielded these blog posts:

Wave Action

Wickham Point

I am getting away for a break soon, so will have some new scenery to inflict on you shortly :)

The “River Anduin” (NZ South)

above: view of Lake Te Anau – from Te Anau Wildlife Park

Jetboating on part of the Upper Waiau River, between Lake Te Anau and Lake Manapouri.  This section of the river is where the “River Anduin” scenes were filmed for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The “River Anduin” – actually, the Upper Waiau River

We travelled down to the beautiful Lake Manapouri – a glorious (very cold) day on the water.

Lake Manapouri

Luxmore Jet really looked after us on a wintry NZ day.

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Macro (NZ South)

Te Anau up close

Te Anau (NZ South)

Above:  looking from our accommodation towards Lake Te Anau (screened by the trees), with the mountains behind

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains at this great spot:  Glacial Rock at Te Anau

how ‘Glacial Rock’ got its name
our cosy accommodation, surrounded by mountains

Other posts from our fantastic NZ South holiday are here:

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