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Silhouettes, Limestone Park

I shot some action pictures for friends early yesterday morning at Limestone Park.   The early light (zero cloud) and heavy dew made for some interesting conditions.

I don’t take all that many photos of people, but was happy with how most of them turned out.

I will keep the portrait shots for them rather than post them on the interweb thingy, but I liked these silhouette shots enough to share:


Sculpture, Brisbane Square

Interactive sculpture in Brisbane Square.

I’m not sure whether it was designed to be interactive, but it’s definitely ended up that way….

Click the gallery pictures for full size slideshow:

Yes, sometimes there are people….. (Part 3)

Sometimes people just get in the road!

Part 3 of my occasional series:


See parts 1 and 2 here:

Yes, sometimes there are people…..

Yes, sometimes there are people….. (Part 2)

Yes, sometimes there are people….

I’m not really one for taking lots of “people” shots.  My sister S and I joke that she looks for interesting people to take photos of – while I’m more inclined to think: “Why won’t that @$&*% person get out of my shot.”

These people are all pretty interesting though:

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