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NZ South in Panorama

Above: Cardrona, Beginners Area.

Excuse the quality – these were taken when my technique was horrible and merged now, 18 months later – but they do show the beauty of the place!

Queenstown Lakeshore
Queenstown Lakeshore
The foot of Lake Wakatipu, and the road to Queenstown
The foot of Lake Wakatipu, and the road to Queenstown

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Personal Favourites

Well, I have been doing this (blogging some of my photos) for a year.  I’ve enjoyed it and I think it’s been good for my photography – it has pushed me a bit and helped me explore some themes.

I decided I should get organised and actually PRINT and HANG some of my photos on my wall at home.  (Radical, I know).

So, I had to choose some photos I liked enough to look at for a year or two.  Here are the ones I picked – apologies if you’ve seen them here before:

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Relief from the heat

4 weeks ago I was in Victoria wearing a t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, jumper, windproof layer, alpaca scarf, merino beanie and windproof hood…. and feeling cold.

Today – it feels like the first day of summer in Queensland (we always joke that in Qld we get 5 months of summer and 1 month of winter..) – it’s 34°C (that is 93°F for you crazy Americans).  Not very humid yet – but enough to make me really NOT look forward to the next 5 months.

So – seemed like a good day to hide in the air-conditioning and go through photos of a snowy day in Queenstown New Zealand (Aug ’11).  Enjoy!

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Snow Day!

While travelling in New Zealand’s South Island last year, we had a glorious “snow day” in Queenstown.  At approximately 300m above sea level, and with a large glacial lake, Queenstown rarely sees snow in the town itself – but they had 30cm of fresh snow on one of the days we were there! A local shopkeeper said that it was the most snow he’d seen in Queenstown in 20 years.

Our plans for the day were cancelled – we couldn’t travel as we had planned, but once we managed to find accommodation for the night, we had the most glorious “snow day” – a great experience for the girls (and the adults).

The outside photos were taken (with very cold fingers) near the cemetery, at the base of Bob’s Peak, the hill closest to town.

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Yes, sometimes there are people….

I’m not really one for taking lots of “people” shots.  My sister S and I joke that she looks for interesting people to take photos of – while I’m more inclined to think: “Why won’t that @$&*% person get out of my shot.”

These people are all pretty interesting though:

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