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Timelapse sequence 2: first and last frames

Canon 60D today. Snapper Rocks looking across Rainbow Bay to Greenmount and sunset. Radian panning 30 degrees clockwise over 70 minutes & 1400 photos.




First and last frames: timelapse

Shot today. Canon 450D. Rainbow Bay looking to Surfers.



Second Shooter

Me, taken by my “second shooter” Miss Ten at dusk today.

Rainbow Bay timelapse

Setup pictures and some early frames from a sunset timelapse of Rainbow Bay beach (taken from Snapper Rocks).

Sunset was not very colourful but the early frames still have plenty of beauty :)






Meeting new people at Greenmount

I met a nice bloke taking dusk photos at Greenmount beach while shooting these pictures.  He was shooting with a Nikon and we had a good chat – they seem like fine cameras and it was good to hear about his first attempts at surf photography (with a waterproof housing).

Unfortunately, the timelapse I was trying to shoot didn’t work out so well – this was one of my first attempts and I made too many technical and practical mistakes for the sequence to be usable.

However – some of the frames are beautiful, so I will share a few here, and you’ll just have to imagine how gorgeous the sequence would have been if I’d got it right!

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Rainbow Bay timelapse

Well, I finished my first effort at a timelapse video.

I made heaps of technical and practical mistakes, and the perfectionist in me wants to go and fix them all before I show the video – but that’s not real life, is it?

Shooting the timelapse video was a lot of fun, and I will know what to do better (and differently) next time.

The locations are:

Froggies Beach (on the Queensland / NSW border) for sunrise (above).

Rainbow Bay Beach for the two middle sequences:

Rainbow Bay Dunes Timelapse still-9868 Rainbow Bay Beach Timelapse still-9865

and Greenmount Hill, looking toward Coolangatta, for the (very cloudy) sunset:

Greenmount to Cooly Timelapse still-1071

Please excuse the jitter and shake in some of the sequences – some of that is a result of amateur mistakes by me – and in the sunset sequence, the weather was very rainy and windy which made it very challenging.  You may see my umbrella peek into shot occasionally ;).

Sunrise and sunset times and locations were planned with The Photographer’s Ephemeris: ( Triggered using the Triggertrap app ( Those apps are just ridiculously good value for a keen photographer at about $10 each.

Gear: Shot with my trusty Canon 60D and the EF-S 18 – 135mm f/3.5 – 5.6 lens on my Induro AT413 tripod.

For any keen photographers out there: give timelapse a go! You do not need super-expensive gear – it’s mostly about planning, patience, getting up early… and standing in the rain keeping your camera dry with an umbrella when necessary.

Hope you enjoy it.

Rainbow Bay Timelapse Part 1

We are holidaying at Rainbow Bay beach and have been lucky to get a unit with a great location. So, this afternoon, I decided to combine two of my favourite activities – photography and swimming in the surf.

I downloaded the Triggertrap app for iPhone a few months ago and purchased a dongle to let it control my camera through the remote port. I have been wanting to buy an intervalometer for some time, but the price ($200 to $300) has always put me off. Once I got an iPhone for work, for $30 I thought Triggertrap was worth a try!

I started with something pretty easy – this is a set up on the balcony of our unit looking to the beach across the road. I tried a bit of experimentation and settled on 1/100s, f/11, ISO 100 at 24mm, with a photo every 24 seconds. I knew the light would change a lot so was intentionally overexposed at the start – I will try to smooth the exposure a bit in Lightroom later when combining the stills into timelapse video (should end up with about 10 seconds of video).

Then, I went for a swim. I expect I will be in frame for about 100 frames of the timelapse stills. It worked perfectly while I was away and I am looking forward to combining the frames when I get home!

Here are a few initial stills – these are taken approximately 15 minutes apart. I’m happy so far!









Surf Shots

some fun shots from holidays, taken at Alex Heads and Rainbow Bay.  Yes, I got rather wet taking some of these…

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