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South Bank

Brisbane River by night

After shooting my ‘Wheel of Brisbane’ timelapse, I turned the camera around to shoot a brief, more subtle, timelapse of the city skyline, across the river.

5.58pm – Citycat visit

Each frame is a 2.5s exposure, taken 3.6s apart (just enough time to let the camera save them all without overloading the buffer).

6.04pm – someone’s VERY expensive boat passing through

The frames look promising and the initial timelapse is great – but I won’t publish it yet. I’m looking forward to building these river and wheel sequences into a longer timelapse – I just need to collect some more sequences :).


Wheel of Brisbane Timelapse

Selected frames from a dusk timelapse at South Bank.

Wheel Trio

Wheel Trio b

Dinosaur Petting Zoo

I took the girls to the “Out of the Box” festival today and we saw Erth’s “Dinosaur Petting Zoo” as part of the performance – it was fantastic.

There was lots of opportunity for all the kids there to get involved – they all got to pat the Baby Dryosaur.

It’s a good thing the Baby Dryosaur is a puppet – any real animal would struggle to cope with so many little hands!
Meganeura with Erth’s Scott

Meganeura landed on a lot of kid’s heads :)

Leaellynasaura getting some personal attention

Leaellynasaura was very popular and a few kids were lucky enough to get very close indeed.  Then came the star of the show – Australovenator.  I think the kids enjoyed running in mock terror from him the most.

Australovenator on the loose!
Feeding time

Night Eyes


Night walk from South Bank across the Brisbane River.

Paniyiri Greek Festival in the city – Reddacliff Place

Photographers at Work, Part 2

Above: Pro Sports photographer in action – Hockeyroos vs USA international

It’s fun to catch other photographers at work – I especially like to try to get them in action, with their subject matter in shot as well.  Here are a few which worked out pretty well:

Miss Eight, photographer at work, Botanic Gardens
Wedding pro in action
photographer at work, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

You might find the photographers a bit harder to spot in these next two ‘long exposure’ pictures.  Hint:  they’re the ones standing fairly still!

other keen amateur photographers at work, in my long exposure – The Wheel of Brisbane
extra hint: follow the line of the flagpoles in the above picture. ISO100, 45mm, f/8, 15s.
Miss Eight, photographer at work. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky statue stargazing in the background

This is my second “Photographers at Work” story – the other one is here: Photogs at Work 1

The Wheel of Brisbane

The Wheel of Brisbane is located in the Cultural Centre Forecourt, at South Bank, Brisbane.  It was a fun subject for some Friday night photography – popular too – I spotted at least 5 other keen photographers doing something similar to what I was doing.

Reflection, The Wheel of Brisbane
Brisbane Skyline – Treasury building at the left, The Wheel of Brisbane in foreground.
ISO 100, 36mm, f/29, 30s

My new tripod got a good workout, as you can see.  I am glad I decided to buy the taller and heavier one – so long as I’m dragging any tripod around, I don’t really mind how heavy it is, and it’s nice to be able to put my eye to the viewfinder properly on the tall ‘pod.

The Arbour, from Cultural Centre Forecourt, South Bank, Brisbane
ISO 100, 67mm, f/5.6, 4s

There was a guy standing beside me when I took this next one – he had his tripod, a 5D (I think) on the tripod, and a spare 60D for ‘snapshots’.  I’m not envious…. much….

The Wheel of Brisbane, looking towards South Bank.
ISO100, 18mm, f/22, 13s

I’d just like to acknowledge my inspiration for this next shot, which was a shot taken by Francois Lourette, another keen amateur photographer, who blogs as Almates.  I wouldn’t have thought to try such a shot, until I saw his.  You can see his ‘flags’ shot here: Long Exposure Ottawa.

Annie flags, Cultural Centre Forecourt, South Bank Brisbane. Victoria and Kurilpa Bridges in the background.
ISO100, 45mm, f/8, 15s.

I have previously posted about Kurilpa Bridge, here. So, obviously, my “What am I?” pictures from last night were detail shots of the Wheel of Brisbane.  The combined shots are below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures – I had fun taking them and was pretty happy with how they turned out.  I got some reasonable skyline / river shots as well – a post for another day!

If you’re interested in visiting or riding on the Wheel – its website is here:

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