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Timelapse sequence 2: first and last frames

Canon 60D today. Snapper Rocks looking across Rainbow Bay to Greenmount and sunset. Radian panning 30 degrees clockwise over 70 minutes & 1400 photos.




Cotton Tree Timelapse frames

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I shot a timelapse yesterday at Cotton Tree – a beautiful (and popular!) spot where the Maroochy River flows into the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoy these frames – the timelapse video should be available in a few days :)

Rainbow Bay timelapse

Setup pictures and some early frames from a sunset timelapse of Rainbow Bay beach (taken from Snapper Rocks).

Sunset was not very colourful but the early frames still have plenty of beauty :)






Storms at Sunset

Storms at sunset: a Queensland summer tradition.

Early frames from a time lapse.

Sunset in 1:13

This is the video I mentioned yesterday – 2152 photos in 1:13 – (best viewed fullscreen – this is 1080p HD video).  Enjoy!

Music: Prelude No. 22 by Chris Zabriskie (

“Argyle” sunset timelapse

2013-12-27 14.53.07Stills from my timelapse shoot yesterday evening at the family farm “Argyle”.

This deserted old worker’s cottage made a perfect focus object.

Compiling the timelapse video now and I’ll post it – if it’s any good!

Art + Timelapse

A brand new exhibit by Cai Guo-Qiang opens at Gallery of Modern Art on Saturday. So, seems like my ideal Saturday will be to visit the Cai Guo-Qiang exhibit at GoMA; then shoot some timelapse of the sun setting behind the Gallery.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris app (see screenshot) assures me this is a viable shoot from the Kurilpa Bridge, so I hope to have some frames to post in a couple of days.


Shining Sea

a brief timelapse shot at Mooloolaba Spit on Monday night (best viewed fullscreen in HD – this is 1080p video):

Point Cartwright at dusk


A clear warm windy evening created a few opportunities:

Rocks, water, sunset

More photos from an evening by the beach at Alex Heads.  See other pictures from the same evening here:

Wave Action

Here are some more long exposure pictures taken at Wickham Point  ← click here for the previous blog post.

Each of these is taken at ISO 100, 21mm, f/22 at a 4s exposure.  The featured pictures above are taken with a variable ND filter fitted, at around 3 stops selected.  These are consecutive frames from about 7 in a row shot in this setup. The rock in the mid-right of the picture is what I was targeting, as it wasn’t going completely under, just ‘spilling over’ as you can see in the second frame.

You can see the approximate position and tripod setup for those pictures here:

my trusty Induro AT413 Tripod set up for action

(Actually that was the tripod setup for a later shot on the same day, but you get the idea).

I was also able to get on slightly higher rocks and set the tripod up at a much lower leg angle for these two shots:

These two are, again, consecutive frames, taken at ISO 100, 18mm, f/22 at a 4s exposure – this was later with the light fading fast, so the ND filter has been removed by now (in summary, by this time, there is around 1/8 the amount of light but an equivalent exposure).

I was really trying to capture the little channel of water to the lower right of frame, with the water surging through it.  In the second frame I got my feet wet – but the camera was high and dry :).  I love the glimmers of light reflecting on the top of the wet rocks.

Wickham Point

Taken at the headland between Kings and Shelley Beach, Caloundra (aka Wickham Point).

The featured picture above (2s exposure using an ND filter, virtually SOOC) is also one of my pictures for the Nick Exposed / Seeing Spots Photography “Long Exposure” collaboration.

Bath time

Lions Lookout

Went out tonight to try to shoot the supermoon (OK, one day late…)

The clouds denied me the chance again – all I got was a dull glow – but the sunset while we were waiting was pretty awesome.

Glorious sunset from Lions Lookout

This next one is a 56s exposure (ISO 100, 79mm, f/22, 56s) – I get a real sense of motion in the clouds.

Long Exposure, Drifting clouds and Limestone Street

My assistant Miss Eight was very helpful, holding a light to help me focus the long exposures on the skeleton tree (it was just too dark to focus otherwise).  Afterwards I got her to jump into one of the photos and move across the frame gradually with her face lit.

Ghostly visitor in the skeleton tree, after sunset near Lions Lookout

I also have some pretty cool light painting photos taken by Miss Eight – post them tomorrow :).

Brass and blue.

Above: Ghostly tree in the breeze (13s exposure).  I love the look of the leaves whipping back and forth, with the rest still.

Patience, at the observation platform at Denmark Hill.

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NZ South – Flagstaff Alpacas

Our fantastic family farmstay accommodation in Dunedin.  The kids didn’t want to leave.  They fed these beautiful alpacas over the fence, morning and night.

[click any picture for full size]


More NZ South pictures here

NZ South – Penguin Place

Monty the Penguin, watching the surf

taken at Penguin Place, Harington Point, Otago Peninsula

Penguin Place beach, eastern side of Harington Point, Otago Peninsula
Kelp in the swell, Penguin Place

More NZ South pictures here.

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