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Timelapse: Nerima Gardens

This timelapse was shot at Nerima Gardens on a couple of weekends recently.  We have had so much wet weather that photography opportunities have been limited, but I overcame this by shooting 2 of the 3 sequences in this timelapse from undercover.

The first sequence is shot from underneath a bridge, the second shows reflections in the lake (shot on a brighter day), and the third is shot from the Japanese teahouse.

Music is “Prelude No. 16” by Chris Zabriskie (  This is the first time that I have used music in a timelapse; I think it really enhances it, so thanks to Chris and other talented people who make their work available for free.

This video was complied from 1085 RAW still photos using Lightroom 4.  (There is one ‘dud’ frame rendered in there, but I am too impatient to wait another 6 hours or so to re-render and re-upload it!).  The in-sequence movement and deflickering is done with the assistance of LR Timelapse, which basically tells Lightroom what to do using metadata, which is a LOT faster than me doing it manually!

Settings: LR4, using 12fps 720p @24 LRTPro preset.

Hope you enjoy it.


Nerima Gardens

More photos from yesterday’s wet weather trip to Nerima Gardens.

See yesterday’s pictures here: Teeny Tiny Wet Worlds

Sydney – Night Long Exposures

Night long exposures taken at the Rocks (near the Overseas Passenger Terminal) in Sydney.  Both of these really appeal to me because they are clear and sharp, but also contain some movement.  Taking some pics was a great way to break up the pretty full-on business trip.

The swirls in the sky above the bridge are something (bats, I think) swarming around the bridge lights. 6s exposure.

The strong lines to the left of the Opera House are 5s of a ferry, outbound from Circular Quay, crossing through the shot.

Both shot with the assistance of my fabulously portable Joby GorillaPod (SLR-Zoom) which was all I could fit in my luggage for the short trip.

[click either pic for fullsize]

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

Above:  Sydney Opera House, from the end of Bennelong Point.

I was fortunate to be in Sydney last week for 3 nights, for work, and on the middle evening I went for a walk with an old friend from Circular Quay to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and back – a good walk and a long chat along the way.

He was patient enough to let me snap a few quick pictures along the way, and here they are:

[click any picture for full size]

Rocks, water, sunset

More photos from an evening by the beach at Alex Heads.  See other pictures from the same evening here:

The Crags

Above: Beautiful coastline at The Crags

We stayed in beautiful Port Fairy as part of our Victorian trip – we used it as our ‘western gateway’ to the Great Ocean Road.  Just west of Port Fairy is this beautiful little coastal spot – ‘The Crags’ – it was a bit of an entree before the Great Ocean Road main course.

[click any picture for full size]


Above: Ripples, where Tidal River runs across Norman Beach into Bass Strait.  Shot at dusk.

ISO 100, 18mm, f/11, 2.5s.  Shot with the assistance of my Induro AT413 tripod (a.k.a. ‘Gigantor’) in the beautiful Wilsons Promontory National Park.

Having some ‘technical difficulty’ getting my panorama sequences from holidays working. Meanwhile, above is a sample of what I *hope* to have in panorama later.

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Mirror Lakes, Eglinton Valley (NZ South)

This gorgeous spot is on the road to Milford Sound so it is positively infested with buses full of tourists.  You wouldn’t know from these pictures though :)

Mirror Lakes, Eglinton Valley

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Night Eyes, part 2

Things just look different at night.

Brisbane River from South Bank, by night

Night Eyes part 1

Kings Beach Rocks

I may have become slightly obsessed with low light long exposures.  I blame Jeremy :)

I enjoyed the different looks of these two photos so much that I didn’t want to separate them.

Both are ISO100, 18mm.  Left photo is f/3.5, 6s and right is f/8.0, 30s.

These photos were taken on a productive day which also yielded these blog posts:

Wave Action

Wickham Point

I am getting away for a break soon, so will have some new scenery to inflict on you shortly :)

Point Cartwright

Above: Mooloolaba Skyline, from Point Cartwright, ISO100, 22mm, f/14, 79s + exp comp.

Another great night walk & long exposure shoot with my equally photography mad sister, at Point Cartwright.

Surf at Point Cartwright, 2s exposure
Pine trees silhouetted by the last light of the day, 30s exposure, with a bit of iPhone torch in the foreground.

Dusk at Alex Heads

It’s so nice to get an occasional day off.  These long exposure shots were taken at dusk at Alexandra Headland, at a little beach accessed from the headland.  A lovely way to spend an hour with my sister S and Miss Eight.

[click any picture for fullsize]

Lake Wilkie walk (NZ South – The Catlins – Part 3)

Another beautiful day in the Catlins: these photos are all taken with my 60mm macro lens on the Lake Wilkie walk.

[click any photo for fullsize slideshow]

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Drops on a leaf (2)

All the way back to the same leaf:

Wickham Point

Taken at the headland between Kings and Shelley Beach, Caloundra (aka Wickham Point).

The featured picture above (2s exposure using an ND filter, virtually SOOC) is also one of my pictures for the Nick Exposed / Seeing Spots Photography “Long Exposure” collaboration.

Bath time

Drops on a leaf

2 metres from my back door :)

15 second memorial

The beautiful sandstone Anzac Square Memorial is still covered with wreaths from Anzac Day on 25 April.

These two pictures are 15 second exposures in early evening.  I’ve been doing quite a lot of long exposure shooting lately and I think these bring out the best of the Memorial.

I thought about showing them in b & w – they look great in b & w, but it’s not fair to lose  the colour of that sandstone!

lion head fountain below memorial, Anzac Square. ISO100, 18mm, f/9, 15s

Last Anzac Day post for this year – I promise – but since I walk past this Memorial 10 times a week (it’s right above the CBD train station in Brisbane), probably not the last time I’ll photograph it :).

My other Anzac day posts are here:

If you want more of a story about the history of Anzac Day, check out this blog post at Tragicomedia, which includes a quote by Kemal Ataturk which I can never read aloud without choking up, and some great Anzac Day people photos (quite a style contrast to these ones).

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