my (amateur) photography adventure


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Circular Quay timelapse

Here is a preview image showing my setup at Circular Quay. Shooting with a 10mm (16mm equivalent) lens so should be interesting!Circular Quay-7144


Night Lights, Sydney

Work has been kicking me pretty hard lately, sorry for the lack of blog posts. I think this is the first time that I have gone 3 weeks without posting since I started this, and I’ll try not to do it again.

Some gear news:  I have had the 60D in for a ‘grease and oil change’ (sensor clean etc.) recently – and am hoping to get a decent flash unit for my birthday next week.  Should be interesting learning to use a flash properly – at the moment, I just leave the on-camera flash turned off basically.

Here are some “Night Lights” shots taken on my Sydney trip in mid-October – I went down for work, but managed to pack the camera :).  I am really happy with these pics, so hope you enjoy them too!

Sydney – Night Long Exposures

Night long exposures taken at the Rocks (near the Overseas Passenger Terminal) in Sydney.  Both of these really appeal to me because they are clear and sharp, but also contain some movement.  Taking some pics was a great way to break up the pretty full-on business trip.

The swirls in the sky above the bridge are something (bats, I think) swarming around the bridge lights. 6s exposure.

The strong lines to the left of the Opera House are 5s of a ferry, outbound from Circular Quay, crossing through the shot.

Both shot with the assistance of my fabulously portable Joby GorillaPod (SLR-Zoom) which was all I could fit in my luggage for the short trip.

[click either pic for fullsize]

Sydney panoramas

Shot with the new panorama feature on my iPhone 5.  Amazing quality really, for a tiny little lens, and dead easy to use.

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

Above:  Sydney Opera House, from the end of Bennelong Point.

I was fortunate to be in Sydney last week for 3 nights, for work, and on the middle evening I went for a walk with an old friend from Circular Quay to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and back – a good walk and a long chat along the way.

He was patient enough to let me snap a few quick pictures along the way, and here they are:

[click any picture for full size]

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